The 2016 Subaru Scion iM Is Both Sporty and Reliable

You’ll find great deals on the 2016 Subaru iM at Gemini Motors. This sporty, versatile hatchback comes at a great cost and offers great fuel economy and performance. You get everything you want and more in a compact car, with plenty of interior room for a car its size. The 36 mpg highway miles gives you fuel economy that’ll save you plenty of cash at the pump. When paired with the reasonable price tag that the vehicle comes with, you surely will not be breaking the bank when you decide to roll with this car.






The 1.8L/110 engine ensures that you have a car that packs a punch for its size. The 6-speed manual transmission comes with front wheel drive and is equipped with overdrive. You’re sure to have a smooth ride no matter where the road takes you, with the real fun starting when you hit the open road.


Other Features


The standard rearview camera, stability control, ABS, and a full roster of airbags work together to ensure you and your passengers are safe at every turn. The 4.2-inch multi-information display, available navigation, dual-zone automatic climate control, Bluetooth, heated mirrors, and a USB port are just some of the many added features that make the Scion iM comfortable, reliable, and enjoyable on the road. The six speakers with Pioneer audio give you the best in sound quality.


Don’t hesitate to reach out to us at Gemini Motors with any questions you have about this or any other vehicle in our inventory. Our staff is here to help with whatever you need to get going on finding the vehicle of your dreams. The 2016 Subaru Scion iM is the type of car that performs best when you take it for a spin, so set up a test drive with us today and see for yourself how it handles.

How Versatility and Features Make The 2017 Legacy a Good Buy


Many consumers prefer the Subaru brand for its durability and reliability. That’s why Gemini Motors has stocked this year’s Legacy to provide customers with the car and service they want. This year’s Legacy provides additional features that offer an even more relaxed ride, all the while remaining a smart buy for customers who still value versatility.


The 2017 Legacy’s many features make it a comfortable car for many types of people. The Eyesight guidance system helps stop front and back end collisions and the automatic camera watches your blind spot. There are additional features that come with this car that function to make it a smoother ride. Among them are front seats that warm up and multi-region temperature command. Some of the other standard features on this already great model include lights for fog, 45 centimeter wide wheels and an interior in both black and grey with additional blue details.


While the 2017 Subaru Legacy has a nice interior, it is hard to ignore the technical improvements made in the past year. The car itself runs on a powerful four-cylinder, 2.5-liter engine that produces 175 horsepower. Not only do the additions on this latest model make it a good deal, they also increase the ways the Legacy can be used. The legacy’s wide appeal is due to its many features that can be useful in a number of different driving situations.


Moreover, all of the great add ons this car can have do not necessarily equate to a loss in off road versatility. The 2017 Legacy comes with off-road drive, which can be a smart investment for people living in places with adverse climates.The power and versatility of this mode can be of serious interest to Subaru fans and first time buyers alike. The many features in this car and its on road capabilities add up to one car that you might not want to miss out on.

A Look at the 2017 Subaru BRZ

When looking for the perfect car, it’s important to consider practical things like safety features and efficiency. However, sometimes you just need to think about what type of car you’re going to enjoy driving.






The 2017 Subaru BRZ is a lot more than just a daily driver. Even the standard trim comes packed with quite a few nice features. A light chassis means that you enjoy excellent control over your vehicle and responsive steering. Because it’s a sport coupe, you get fun weekend driving and a nimble steering. This is a car that makes a statement, and one that can deal with any surprises with excellent handling and control that’s unparalleled among its competition.


There’s no point in thinking about making a decision until you see all of your options in person. Come on down to see us at Gemini Motors and take a look at the selection. If it turns out that you don’t want to drive off in a BRZ, we have other options for you.




The BRZ has a standard six-speed manual and an automatic 6-speed with performance shifting optional. The engine is a 2-liter four cylinder that gives you 205 horsepower with the manual and 200 horsepower with the automatic. You get respectable fuel economy for the class. Apart from the great handling and solid acceleration, another contribution to the great diving experience of the BRZ is the ergonomically correct driver’s seat. In terms of safety features, anti-lock brakes, stability controls and front and side airbags come standard.


Keeping a sports car tuned and well maintained is a huge part of an enjoyable ride. That’s no different for the Subaru BRZ than it is for any other performance vehicle. Come on down to Gemini and let us work out a maintenance schedule for your new vehicle. We like to see you, but we still want you to spend more time enjoying the road and less time with the car in the shop.

Do You Need All-Wheel Drive?



When purchasing a new car, many people choose an all-wheel drive vehicle. Vehicles like the 2017 Subaru WRX STI are a great example of all-wheel drive automobiles in high demand. If you’re in the market for a new vehicle, you should consider all the pros of an AWD car before making your decision.




Many people choose to resell or trade in their vehicle after a few years. When you purchase a car, you don’t want one that is going to lose its value quickly. After all, many people also take loans out on their car and if it loses value quickly, you could find yourself spending more than the car is worth. With an AWD vehicle, you don’t have to worry about the lost value. Most cars have a better resale value than two wheel drive vehicles.




One of the biggest benefits of having AWD is that the traction is improved. If all four of your wheels are spinning, you will have an easier time getting off of slippery surfaces. If you live in a snowy climate, it might be imperative for you to have an AWD vehicle. After all, you never know when you may get stuck in the snow. Without good traction, you could have difficulty getting around in poor conditions.




Here at Gemini Motors, we want you to be able to drive off the lot with a reliable car. You don’t want to be stuck with a car that can’t weather winter storms. Bad weather is always bound to appear, no matter the season. It’s important to have a car that can handle all kinds of weather. This can give you the peace of mind that you need out of a car.


There’s a reason why most people turn to all-wheel drive vehicles when choosing their next car. If you need improved traction, reliability and are interested in resale value, AWD is imperative.

The 2017 Subaru Outback for Transportation and Adventure

Whether you need a new family car or are buying a larger vehicle for the first time, there are many factors you are probably considering, such as safety and gas mileage. However, since the family car is more than just a way to get from place to place, you might want to consider the 2017 Subaru Outback. This is a vehicle that combines convenience with a dash of fun thrown in, and we can show you all it has offer.


An All-Around Family Car


While safety features and value are important factors in buying a vehicle, when it comes to choosing a car for the whole family, other details, such as leg room, seating options and cargo space are also important. The Outback seats five and provides generous leg room, something that you and your passengers will probably appreciate on longer trips. It also has a great deal of cargo space, with a roof cargo carrier standard on all models and rear seats that fold down to provide you with additional space for your luggage.


Ready for Off-Road Adventure


If your idea of a family adventure is to venture off the beaten path, then come visit us at Gemini Motors to learn more about why the Outback might be a perfect match for your driving needs. We can offer you information about this vehicle’s off-road abilities, such as its all-weather traction control and ground clearance, which is nearly nine inches high for a more improved off-road experience, whether you’re headed to the mountains or the beach.


Comfort for All


A vehicle that is used as often as the family car should be comfortable enough for all its passengers, and the 2017 Subaru Outback has answered that call with several innovative features. A few you might appreciate include power seating with a memory option and additional padding on the driver and front passenger seats.


A family car must be as versatile as it is safe and comfortable. To discover more about the 2017 Subaru Outback or to take a test drive, drop by our dealership today.

3 Things Buyers Love About the 2017 Subaru Impreza

The 2017 Subaru Impreza has undergone a major overhaul. It’s been completely redesigned to offer some amazing features. It really has people talking around the Gemini Motors lot. Now is your chance to take a look at three of the things that have people falling for this car.


  1. Safety Improvements


The thing that has most people really excited are the improvements in safety. To begin with, Subaru used high-strength steel to increase the rigidity of the structure. There’s been a 40 percent improvement in crash energy absorption. IN addition, the Impreza comes with blind spot detection, front, side and curtain airbags and rear cross traffic alert. The EyeSight system offers a host of options from automatic pre-collision braking to lane keep assist that will keep you safe on the road. Some newer features you can choose include driver assist features and high beam assist.


  1. Performance Perks


The Impreza has been given a new direct injection engine. It’s more powerful, now boasting 152 horsepower. However, this power doesn’t come at a cost. In fact, the changes have actually improved the fuel efficiency, which is now at 28 city and 37 highway for the non-sport model, but all models have impressive improvements in fuel efficiency.


  1. New Look


Another great surprise with this model a new look. It’s wider than the older models with wheels being set further apart, and the body is longer. This design change not only changes the appearance but also it offers more room inside and more stability, which adds to the safety.


The redesign of the Impreza is pretty exciting because it has really changed many important aspects of the vehicle. It hit on extremely important parts, like making it safer and boosting fuel efficiency. These improvements not only make it a better overall vehicle but also make it better to drive. Plus, it is so much easier to see why the Subaru Impreza is well worth your consideration.

The 2017 Subaru Forester: Your Go-Anywhere SUV

If you need a vehicle to handle both your weekend warrior outings and the daily grind, then Gemini Motors is confident that the 2017 Subaru Forester is the perfect SUV for you. This model comes with standard all-wheel drive, as well as a spacious cabin, advanced safety features and design perks geared for the off-road enthusiast. Its engineers continue to update the Forester with its target buyer market in mind, and the 2017 version is certainly no exception.


Get It Turbocharged


Most versions are equipped with a 2.5 liter 4-cylinder engine as the standard. However, some models, such as the 2.0XT Premium, allow you to select a 2.0 liter 40cylinder turbocharged edition instead. If you’re looking for more powerful acceleration when you put the pedal to the metal, choose the turbocharged option for your vehicle if you can.


Built for Any Kind of Ride


The new model comes with two rows of seating, for a standard capacity of five people. With its cargo bay, it’s perfect for packing up the family and your luggage for a long-distance getaway, loading up on your weekly run to the grocery or tagging your tech along for your offsite meetings and conferences at work. And don’t forget about the additional ground clearance, added in for off-roading fun.


Unparalleled Safety and Convenience


The 2017 Subaru Forester is a champ when it comes to safety options and advanced features. The new versions offer a heated steering wheel and front seats, as well as its EyeSight driver assistance technology that monitors traffic and warns you if you’re drifting from your lane. The Subaru STARLINK system also gives you access to benefits such as roadside assistance and stolen vehicle recovery, as well as serves as a multimedia hub with a vast range of tech services at your fingertips.


Versatile, Rugged and Comfortable


Your new Forester is waiting for you at Gemini Motors. Select from our available models for your off-road excursions, your daily commute, your on-the-go errand running—or everything your life throws at you. With all of its bonuses, it’s time to upgrade to this all-around champ.

The 2011 Subaru Legacy May Be the Car of Your Dreams

The 2011 Subaru Legacy offers the easiest and most dynamic styling of any other Japanese mid-sized sedan of its time. The designers took extra care to combine legendary fuel efficiency with the quality and value that has come to be associated with this fine name in automobile production.


With Bluetooth capability to help keep eyes focused on the road and hands free, the 2011 Legacy makes a perfect car for parents of young children or older children preparing to head out for their own adventures. Whoever is driving will have the innovative designs and good sense of Subaru engineers working for them.


In addition to the sorts of things that make a ride entertaining are a host of other features to boost the safety factor. Equipped with a rearview camera and dash located GPS, your driver will be able to make sure the path is clear before heading out and find his or her way to every destination safely and easily.


Subaru’s proprietary design for full-power, all-time, All-wheel drive ensures the power of the vehicle. No one ever has to compromise on comfort, safety, or value when they drive a Subaru, and the 2011 Subaru Legacy represents numerous improvements to the Subaru fleet.


With so much to recommend it, it is no wonder that the Subaru Legacy would continue to be in high demand. Whether this car will be a purchase for parents or for students driving into their future, safety, comfort, quality, and satisfaction are all benchmarks met efficiently and easily by it.


Anyone ready to make the decision for an affordable vehicle that out performs others of its class should give the 2011 Legacy a drive. Test driving it will reveal how well it handles, and the quality should be legendary. Let Gemini Motors show you why you belong behind the wheel of the Legacy. We will love to help you purchase your favorite vehicle today.

2017 Subaru Outback – Walk-around

he 2017 Subaru Outback is the mid-size SUV alternative designed to help you get more enjoyment out of life’s adventures. The Outback arrives with the choice of two different SUBARU BOXER engines, both of which deliver potency, efficiency and ultimate satisfaction.
The Subaru symmetrical full-time AWD system is complemented by X-Mode for even more rugged capability, while the car-like handling makes the open road equally enticing. There are also more advanced safety systems, greater refinement, greater utility, more passenger space and more amenities to make even the most adventurous drive feel unexpectedly civilized.

2017 Subaru BRZ: Enhanced Performance and Updated Features

  • Improved performance and handling for the pure driving enthusiast
  • Refined exterior design and upgraded interior features
  • Enhanced safety with standard LED headlights, rear-view camera and all-new VDC Track mode

MISSISSAUGA, ON, July 20, 2016 /CNW/ – Subaru Canada, Inc. (SCI) today announced the release of its 2017 Subaru BRZ, available late July in Subaru dealerships across Canada. The rear-wheel-drive BRZ is an authentic sports coupe that carves its own path with its light vehicle weight, ultra-low centre of gravity and precision steering, delivering pinpoint handling accuracy and an unmatched level of driving pleasure for sports car enthusiasts of all skill levels.

Power and Handling

The 2.0L DOHC naturally aspirated horizontally opposed SUBARU BOXER engine receives several internal updates for friction reduction including new valves, camshaft and cylinder heads. Accompanied with a new aluminum intake manifold and redesigned exhaust manifold for increased air flow, the engine output in models with the 6-speed manual transmission is increased to 205 hp and 156 lb-ft of torque. Also, a lower final drive ratio from 4.1 to 4.3:1, paired with the standard Torsen limited-slip differential, improves acceleration on models with the manual transmission.

For 2017, hill start assist is now standard on all BRZ models, a feature that holds the vehicle in position while the driver accelerates, in order to prevent the vehicle from rolling back while on an incline.

For improved responsiveness, stability and comfort, BRZ receives updated coil springs and dampers as well as a larger rear stabilizer bar. Additional reinforcements to the chassis were added to the strut tower braces, transmission cross-member plate and the rear wheel housings to increase BRZ’s rigidity. The results provide noticeable improvements in the BRZ’s already exceptional handling dynamics and ride quality. The stability control system thresholds have been raised, and feature a new Track mode, further improving handing and delivering a more engaging driving experience.

Improved Aerodynamics, Visibility, Cockpit

The 2017 BRZ continues to evolve while maintaining a powerful design. The front bumper cover has been made wider and positioned lower for improved aerodynamics, control and stability. Distinctive C-shaped LED daytime running lights and new full-LED headlights offer improved lighting and reduced power consumption, while enhancing the sleek new front fascia. The updated fender garnish matches the body colour but with a black insert that accentuates it in profile.

All trims also receive an aluminum rear wing spoiler in matching body colour and black finish.  The new pedestal design improves the vehicle’s downforce, improving stability and control. As with the headlights, the rear combination lights have been updated to full-LED for better visibility and energy efficiency. Also the rear garnish above the licence plate has a new design that comes standard on both trims.

On the inside, the redesigned leather-wrapped steering wheel has a firmer, sportier feel along with new audio controls for greater control and convenience while driving.

The 2017 BRZ Sport-tech trim receives new LED fog lights that allow for a more compact design and greater nighttime visibility, as well as BRZ-embroidered front seatbacks, updated materials on the instrument and door panels and an updated climate control panel. Finally, a new 4.2-in LCD multifunction display provides access to vehicle performance instrumentation via steering wheel-mounted controls. These performance metres include lateral Gs, accelerator pedal position, braking force, steering angle, oil and water temperature, and battery voltage as well as an integrated stop watch for recording lap times.

All-around Safety

For protection inside the vehicle, the Subaru Advanced Frontal Airbag System uses dual-stage-deployment driver and front passenger airbags. Deployment strength depends on the proximity of the driver to the steering wheel, and whether there is a child or adult occupying the passenger seat. Front seat side pelvis/torso airbags and side curtain airbags offer additional security for front and rear occupants. For 2017, the airbag system has been upgraded and given next-generation sensors, to provide even more safety and peace of mind.

Also new on all models is the addition of a rear-view camera, for greater safety and visibility when reversing.

Two Trims, Two Transmissions

Driving enthusiasts can choose between a six-speed manual and an optional six-speed automatic transmission in the 2017 Subaru BRZ and BRZ Sport-tech. Both transmissions have been engineered and tuned to maximize performance and sporty driving feel.

For the 2017 model year, BRZ pricing is as follows:









BRZ Sport-tech