Things to Know About the 2018 Subaru Legacy

There are many things to love about a Subaru and the 2018 Subaru Legacy is no different. With updated designs both inside and out they’re keeping the same great vehicle with a modern feel. If you’re considering purchasing a new car, here are a few things that may make you want to consider the Subaru Legacy as an option.


Exterior Revisions
The new Subaru has a sportier look do to revision to the front and rear styling. These revisions include a new bumper style with a designed wing element along with wider and lower grille openings o the front. Even the headlights have been updated. Make sure to ask about the steering responsive headlight system. This system is designed to detect objects in your path and warn you in time, adding yet another features to those than make Subaru’s reputation for safety. Also included are parking light and LED running lights for day use.


Great Ride
The Subaru maintains its great driving ability. The chassis have been updated to create a more comfortable drive while maintaining the same great suspension, braking, steering, and agility the vehicle is known for. The electric powered steering and direct brake-pedal have also been updated for a smoother feel to your ride.
Interior Updates


If design is one of the components you enjoy you’ll love the newly upgraded interior. The new interior features include upgraded multimedia capabilities, a redesigned center console, and sportier steering wheel. Grey has been added to the interior color selection which also includes black and ivory. Which a quicker cooling air conditioner and quieter design, Subaru intends to keep you traveling in comfort.
With all the features you love in a Subaru and some new ones this is truly a great vehicle. If you have any other questions about the 2018 Subaru Legacy, the friendly staff at your local Gemini Motors dealership are there to help. While you’re there why not check out this great car for yourself.

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