CARE Roadside Assistance

Every vehicle Subaru makes is designed and engineered to give you peace of mind and keep you safely on the road. However, Subaru Canada, Inc.'s commitment to your peace of mind doesn't end there. With the convenient Subaru 360 C.A.R.E. (Customer Assistance for Roadside Emergencies) program, members are guaranteed not only quick, courteous emergency roadside assistance in Canada and the United States, but also other benefits designed to ensure an extraordinary experience with your Subaru - 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Best of all, the extensive Subaru 360 C.A.R.E. program - which is sponsored by Subaru Canada, Inc. and backed by Canada's leading automobile roadside assistance organization, the Canadian Automobile Association (CAA) - is offered free of charge for the first three years from date of purchase on every new Subaru vehicle, as part of a Subaru Protection Plan, or with the purchase of a Subaru Certified pre-owned vehicle. As a Subaru 360 C.A.R.E. member, you will receive a personalized Subaru 360 C.A.R.E. membership card and have access to a dedicated Subaru 360 C.A.R.E. toll-free telephone number (in English or French). This 1-800 number will allow you to take advantage of over 20,000 roadside assistance contractors and 1,000 CAA and American Automobile Association (AAA) offices throughout Canada and the United States.

Subaru Canada, Inc. is proud to be the first vehicle manufacturer to have a direct relationship with CAA, giving our customers the benefit of CAA’s unparalleled level of experience and service.

CANADA 1-800-263-8802


By calling the dedicated 24-hour, toll-free telephone number on your Subaru 360 C.A.R.E. membership card, you - and anyone driving your vehicle with your Subaru 360 C.A.R.E. membership card - can receive roadside assistance for any of the following emergencies:

All of the roadside assistance emergency services apply to the Subaru vehicle registered in the Subaru 360 C.A.R.E. program, regardless of driver, provided they are in possession of the Subaru 360 C.A.R.E. membership card.

The services being provided under the Subaru 360 C.A.R.E. program do NOT include or extend to:

  • Transporting the disabled vehicle’s driver or passengers to or from the disabled vehicle at any time
  • Accepting appointments for service calls
  • Cost of parts, labour or incidental expenses related to the repair of the vehicle under any circumstance
  • A vehicle which is abandoned, unlicensed, without plates or to be towed to a salvage yard
  • Any charges related to impounding or storage of the vehicle
  • Service to a vehicle driven into an area not regularly traveled or which is impassable, such as private recreational roads, mud driveways or beaches
  • Service to a vehicle located in a snowbound area

Further Limitations And Liability Of Service

Under the circumstances of heavy demand for service, Subaru 360 C.A.R.E. reserves the right to initially tow the vehicle to the nearest repair facility, then tow the vehicle to the final destination (as outlined in the Towing section of Roadside Services) once the heavy demand is over. If the vehicle is already in a safe place, such as a private or public garage or a residential driveway, etc. Subaru 360 C.A.R.E. reserves the right to service the vehicle only after the heavy demand is over. In rendering service, the service outlet acts as an independent contractor rather than as an agent of Subaru 360 C.A.R.E. or Subaru Canada, Inc. No responsibility for any loss or damage resulting from the provision of services is assumed by Subaru 360 C.A.R.E. or Subaru Canada, Inc. Any damages resulting from the acts of independent service facility personnel are the sole responsibility of the facility and should be reported to the proprietor within 24 hours and prior to any repairs. Charges for services, repairs or labour which exceed those specified are at the vehicle operator’s expense, at prevailing retail rates

Subaru C.A.R.E. Membership Benefits

  • Offences involving alcohol, drugs or narcotics
  • Failure to appear on prior traffic violations
  • Driving on a suspended driver’s licence or driving without a driver’s licence
  • Hit-and-run offences
  • Failure to present evidence of insurance
  • Illegal use of or falsification of licence or registration
  • Engaging in any felonious act
  • Attempt to elude or eluding a police officer
  • Driving a vehicle for commercial purposes
  • Traffic fines in excess of $5,000
  • Violations which occur in U.S. states that do not accept the Arrest Bond Certificate.Failure to reimburse Subaru 360 C.A.R.E. or Subaru Canada, Inc. for court fines paid on your behalf within 60 days will result in the forfeiture of all coverage under the Subaru 360 C.A.R.E. program.
  • The accident or mechanical breakdown must occur 360 kilometers (225 miles) or more from the Vehicle owner's or lessee's residence.
  • The Vehicle must be disabled to the extent that it cannot be safely driven.
  • In the case of a mechanical breakdown, the Vehicle must be towed to the nearest Subaru dealership or authorized Subaru service centre within 360 km of the location of the mechanical breakdown.
  • In the case of an accident, the accident must be reported to the nearest police agency and a copy of the police accident report (if applicable) must be submitted with all claims.
  • Benefits are provided for a period of up to 72 hours from the time of the incident.
  • Rental vehicles must be obtained from a recognized local vehicle rental agency.
  • Local meals and lodging must be obtained in the general vicinity of the location at which the vehicle is being repaired. Alcohol is not eligible for reimbursement.
  • Commercial transportation must be obtained from a common carrier (airline, bus, train, taxi, etc.), licensed to carry passengers for hire.
  • Only one payment per incident will be made and payment will be made directly to the Vehicle owner or lessee making the claim.
  • Any cost for overnight lodging will be limited to the cost of one room per night for a maximum of three nights.
  • Any cost for commercial transportation (airline, bus, train, taxi, etc.) will be limited to the cost of one adult ticket. Taxi fare from the airport, bus or train depot will be paid in addition to the cost of one adult ticket.
  • Accidents do not qualify for Trip Accident and Mechanical Breakdown Assistance if eligible for reimbursement under the Vehicle owner's or lessee's insurance policy. Evidence of non-reimbursement is required.
  • The cost of parts, repairs and labour are not eligible for reimbursement.
  • Vehicle owners or lessees must complete the claim form which they can obtain on request from Subaru 360 C.A.R.E., provide the required information, and return the form will all supporting documentation to Subaru 360 C.A.R.E..
  • All claims for Trip Accident and Mechanical Breakdown Assistance must be submitted to Subaru 360 C.A.R.E. within 60 days of the date of the incident.