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There was a time when any mechanic could service almost any vehicle. But with today's technically advanced vehicles you need specialists to keep them operating at their best.

Ask our service department when it comes to your Subaru, nobody knows your vehicle better than our factory trained technicians. With the various computers on board your vehicle, you need someone who knows how, why, when and where they inter-relate, how to diagnose the problem quickly and accurately, and how to fix it properly.

Using exclusive diagnostic tools developed by Subaru, our certified technicians can Subaru the commitment that we'll fix it right the first time. That commitment is backed up with a warranty on both the parts and the labour.

Please contact Rob or Emily with any service-related questions, or to schedule an appointment. You may call 519-894-2050 to speak with them directly.

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Where to Seek Repairs For Your Modern-Day Vehicle

As cars become more technologically advanced and specialized, it can be difficult for people to obtain the proper repairs for their vehicle. For Subaru owners, though, parts and service in the Cambridge area can be found a few kilotmetres away at Gemini Motors. Each of our mechanics knows how to skillfully maneuver both the interior and the exterior of these cars. If you have faulty tires, brakes, or ignition parts, we have the means to provide repairs. A car owner's primary goal should always be maintaining his or her own safety when driving. This goal can be fulfilled by coming to our location when problems begin to manifest. With the composition of vehicles becoming more intricate, you need to seek expert assistance in order know that proper maintenance is being delivered.

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Subaru Service Cambridge, Ontario

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